Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Georgia

There are high levels of addiction crisis all over the world, and it is not any different in Georgia too. Traditionally these areas haven’t been known for their drug issues, but recently much national attention is also given here. Even as it is situated in Deep South, Georgia has been known for its progressive thinking. In this quiet thinking addiction crisis was just rising with no enemy to stand against. It was growing slowly for years until it just hit the epidemic point. As the city of Atlanta grew and developed, this meant more space for business and industry which automatically meant more spreading of drugs and alcohol.

Even better fact is it is not about just one or two problematic substances, it provides a various offer. Drug access became so easy that people are not having a problem only with one but a complex of health issues. No profession is safe against these substances and statistics even show the surprising percentage of the white-collar residents having struggle with addiction. Even worse is their attitude of not reaching for help and working so hard on coping with it for themselves, so nobody doesn’t find out something about their problem.

Though there are numerous treatment facilities around the state of Georgia, a crisis is just going ahead. These facilities are located in areas with high levels of drug addictions which is, on the one hand, great and makes sense but on the other hand, provides many temptations and disturbing process of treatments.

Drug accessibility in Georgia has become so terrifying with the fact there has even been an open-air heroin market, existing as not a very big secret. It “shut down” but the dealers found their other ways to continue successfully their “business.” Also one of the reasons Georgia is having major addiction problems is that it makes a major part of the drug-smuggling corridor. This corridor goes all the way through East Coast and gives constant access to various substances to drug addicts.

Georgia is trying its best with developing restrictions and laws about medical prescriptions, made an effort to invest in more public service announcements and other media campaigns to spread any possible information to help addicts and warn them about spreading and severe damages this disease is making. Georgia became very aware it is not only about treating the addiction but most important treating the addict as a complex being.



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