Best Rehab Centers In Georgia

As one of the most popular state and one of the top states for business Georgia is facing huge trouble with addiction crisis. But it is not all so black, Georgia also made development with addiction facilities all around the country to fight this crisis. Here individuals are given a chance to bring back their normal life and their loved ones.

Riverbend Health Center

Will work their best to reach lifelong recovery for every patient. From a holistic approach, over behavioral services and addiction rehabilitation, it successfully provides efficient care for everybody.  It has two locations, one facility is in Augusta, and the other one is in Atlanta. The staff consists of licensed clinicians and board-certified physicians. The medically rooted approach in practices combined with holistic improving individual’s soul reaches highest results in recovery. Family treatment, individual counseling, relapse prevention, coaching and much more programs may be found in this facility.


Is located in Atlanta and it is an effective service for men.  With progressive step-down plan including brotherhood, personal responsibility and group challenge it encourages their patients leading to long-term recovery. They are known for their 12 step meeting recovery program which creates a most successful foundation for whole being recovery. Physical condition is very important to them also, which can be seen in their offer of many group activities like hiking, running, and fitness. They also believe and support transformative power to recovery for the whole family.

Talbott Recovery

This facility believes that every person needs special and unique approach on their way to recovery. Their programs are diverse to provide help in all aspects. Services in this facility include partial hospitalization, group therapy, outpatient programs, detoxification and stabilization and many other therapeutic techniques.

Bridges of Hope

All five locations offer high-quality settings so every patient may focus on their treatment having no extra worries in any aspect. They believe in connection with nature and keeping patients hand busy in areas that may be of interest to them in their offer. Some facilities use a greenhouse to grow plants; some have a working farm while some have even ponds where the patient may have some fishing time. Recovery here is based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. The core of programs is made of 12 step recovery and a “Big Book.” There is no offer of professional counseling, medical service, and detoxification but it still offers a successful approach to treatment.



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