Edith R.Goodwin

As a Ph.D. substance addiction researcher in personal long-term recovery I wanted to share my experiences with a wide range of people, how personal also with other people having addiction problems. I already have long history of helping outnumbering families to climb the abyss of addiction. Usually addiction doesn’t influence only one person, unfortunately people around the addict suffer almost the same and maybe even worse having that feeling of helpless. Matter is addiction does not choose people by their nationality, gender, education, financial status or any other, as a matter of fact it can get to anybody no matter what. From personal point of view most important in all addiction story is to talk as much as you can about it.

Worse thing is addicts keep these problems to themselves as it will go away itself or having a feeling of shame, or even that they do not deserve anybody’s help. Understanding, patient approach, professional help and information access are most important factors in fighting this problem. That is why I have chosen to make this blog and talk about it as much as I can to influence in any way of changing this attitude among people. As I come from a small place in Georgia, people would always think small place, small problems, no need for any substance. That is also huge mistake because I say again drugs do not choose any particular condition, so is with geographic conditions. Many close people from my place I grew up needed my help and I was lucky enough to succeed in that. That is my main motivation to continue my mission and help anybody that is stuck in a severe world of addiction. It is not easy at all, especially when you are alone.